Solar Panel Roof Mounts

  • 2022-10-24

Super Solar Roof Mounting Systems for Residential & Commercial PV Applications

Super Solar carries a complete line of solar panel roof mounts for residential and commercial solar systems. All of the components we carry feature weatherproof aluminum or stainless steel components for corrosion resistance.

From small residential solar systems to large solar farms, roof solar mounting, ground solar mounting, we have the expertise and low wholesale prices to make your next solar panel PV project a success.

Solar on Flat Roof

Super Solar flat roof solar mounting system are specially designed for quick and simple installation to matter the construction or structural condition.

Use a ballast solar panel mounting when installing the solar panel systems on a flat roof. Concrete blocks can reinforce the entire structure of flat roof solar racking.

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Ballasted Solar Panels

Ballasted Solar Racking
Solar on Concrete Roof

Triangle Bracket

A ballasted system is a flat roof racking system, typically used on flat or low sloping roofs. This racking system is typical in larger commercial projects where the property owner wishes to make minimal penetrations while adding solar to their location.

Ballasted Solar Racking System can secure the array without damaging the flat roof .Solar Ballast System is compatible with the usual framed modules and typically does not require roof penetrations.
Designed as a universal mounting system for commercial and residential flat roof or ground, Built on the existing roof to save land resources.

Triangle Solar Brackets can be installed penetrate into concrete base for solar panel mounting. Highly pre-assembled for accessories at factory to save labor cost on site.





Solar for Tile Roof

The pitched roof racking system is designed with great flexibility and would be used for all kinds of roofs and tiles, like glazed tile, ceramic tile, roman tile, scale tile, etc. This racking system can fit with frame or frameless solar panels of any size.

It is required to remove a few tiles when affixing the panels on a tile roof. From there, you can mount the solar roof hooks and flashings onto your roof.

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For slate tile For slat Tile For curved tile Adjustable  hook

Metal Roof Solar Mounts

According to the type of roof and the location of the module, Super Solar offer a variety of connections to

mounting solar panels on metal roof, including solar panel mounting rails, klip lok solar mounting, standing seam solar mount...

The metal roof racking system is suitable for large areas like roofs of factories and warehouses. We use different mounting kits for different roofs, trying to protect every roof to the fullest, meanwhile considering waterproof protection and firmness.

Due to advanced module design, assembling time would be greatly reduced. Our professional design and R&D teams are always here to provide you the best service.

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Trapezoidal and corrugated sheet metal roofs

Standing seam metal roofs
Triangular elevated mounting system

Adjustable Tilt Solar Panel Roof Mount

The brackets are designed to fit snugly over the trapezoidal ridges of the roof, ensuring that the drill holes are positioned above the roof's base level.

Optimum mounting solutions for metal standing seam roofs for all types of profiles.
The universal triangular elevated mounting system for unlimited possibilities.

Angle Adjustable Tilt Mounting. Tilt Legs has been developed as a universal PV-mounting system for pitched and flat roofs.





SUPER SOLAR Solar Mounting

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