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SUPER SOLAR Participate in SNEC PV POWER EXPO in Shanghai

  • 2023-05-24

Super Solar, a leading producer of solar photovoltaic (PV) mounting systems and PV systems, recently participated in the SNEC 17th (2023) International Photovoltaic Power Generation Expo held in Shanghai from May 24th to May 26th.

The expo brought together industry leaders and key players from across the globe to showcase the latest advancements in renewable energy technology.

SUPERSOLAR continues to focus on developing photovoltaic products. At the exhibition, under the witness of the guests and visitors, SUPER SOLAR displayed a series of related products:

Solar Storage Series

Energy storage technology as the core to create digital solar storage, household solar storage, portable digital storage, Movable power station four product series.SUPERSOLAR provides one-stop zero-carbon power products and services for the whole scenario and ecology of smart industry, smart city power, energy storage and outdoor leisure.

Solar Mounting Series

Super Solar bracket mountings are based on ground, roof and floating products, and independently researched and developed BIPV solar building integration bracket system,large span flexible bracket system and other advanced technology bracket products, perfecting the full series of products for solar bracket application system, which has covered all scenarios of applications. We are able to provide all kinds of solar mounting system solutions for customers worldwide.

PV engineering and systems

Off-grid solar system, Solar photovoltaic energy storage technology and systems,Photovoltaic system integration.

In this exhibition, SUPERSOLAR has been committed to providing solutions for customers and constantly innovate and develop products.To contribute more to the sustainable development of green energy.

One-stop 'Full scene PV' solutions

SUPERSOLAR has excellent PV technology. In order to solve the problems encountered by the customers, SUPERSOLAR proposed One-stop 'Full scene photovoltaic' solutions.

Optimize the product design according to the usage scenario

SUPERSOLAR designed the plans according to the characteristics of different scenes.It will play a more active role in the development of the photovoltaic field in the future.

In this exhibition,SUPERSOLAR communicates the technology for PV products with partners in various industries and discuss the development trend of the PV industry.In the future,SUPERSOLAR will maintain the attitude of cooperation, and constantly improve the solutions in the photovoltaic field, promote the development of the photovoltaic industry, and build a sustainable future.

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